Rae is a soul-capturing R&B singer and songwriter raised in Takoma Park, Maryland. Rae was gifted at a very early age with a voice to sing, and began her journey singing at her local church. Rae was the head of praise and worship, in addition to being the lead singer. Rae would visit other local churches, and bless them with her incredible voice. Rae never lived the ordinary childhood life growing up as the youngest of five siblings. However, through all of her obstacles, the only one constant in her life remained, singing. Signing was a tool that Rae used to get herself through the adversities of life that she experienced. Rae also found  songwriting as a form of therapeutic medication for relief. Rae began singing outside of the church when she was 18 years old, and decided to take her singing career professionally. Rae has had the opportunity to sing in front of multitudes of crowds, and contribute her vocals as features for various artists worldwide. Recently as of note, Rae won the DMV Life Showcase which featured a performance competition of 20 talented respected artists, and Rae brought home the victory! Now, its time for Rae to take her career in her own hands as she shoots for the stars. more