Himaj Jamih

Himaj Jamih [Him-mahj Ja-mahy], the artist formally known as Skrooge, has been in the underground musical world for ten years. Both CEO and artist at SIN: Strength In Numbers, Himaj has performed at just about every nightclub hot spot in the District. His first release in 2008, The Hustler’s Addiction and second release in 2010, The Hustler’s Addiction 2 were both successful street records. Himaj’s third album, which was an exclusive release with DTLR retailers, in 2011, Life of a Hustler, sold out at all locations. Himaj uses his music to speak the story of the streets and the situations that are encountered by youth in urban America. His hopes are that the positive messages within his lyrics will ignite an influential wave of non-conventional thinking among a generation whom many feel are lost. Himaj’s categorical style of “trap” music draws listeners in with relatable rhetoric and situations, but the lyrics then transpose into situations in which a deeper understanding of choices and consequences can be heard. Stepping outside of the typical trap artist musical style, Himaj Jamih could be viewed as a neo-conscience rapper, who speaks to the youth in a voice of which they not only respect, but will also take a life lesson from.