Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird (Birdie) hails from the mighty metropolis that is Leicester, UK. The daughter of a Tina Turner tribute artist, high energy showmanship and strong vocals were instilled into her at a young age. Drawing inspiration from some of her favourite artists; Alicia Keys, Nikka Costa & Allen Stone (to mention but a few); she has embarked upon writing an album’s worth of catchy pop & soul lil ditties. Donning hair that young children have described as ‘orange’ hasn’t even stopped her establishing herself as one of the best vocal talents currently on the music scene in Leicester.

Sarah’s previous experience includes fronting the band “Sugabeat”. De Montfort University’s newspaper The Demon, described “Sugabeat” as “a band not to be undermined, with a strong on stage presence which loaded the air with a lively dose of pop with the lead singer’s effortless voice piercing the atmosphere. To say that her voice is incredible would be an understatement”.

Sarah has recently released an EP of her own material, entitled ‘Tattoo’ for (hopefully) your listening pleasure!