Rissy God


Rissy God is a young up an coming South African rapper recently did a remix of the popular acclaimed Lil baby x Gunna single “Drip to Hard”. He Takes a very similar approach to the song making use of the modern trap flows and popular  but yet it gives off a very different vibe, you can almost say it has some what of an African feel to it. He dots the lyrics to the hook here and there to make it more conducive to his audience by referencing local towns and cultures.  It really gives you a feel of whatever you guys can do we can do to, just as good.

Coming off a hot single Black child Prt1 it was a bit of switch in tempo for the young Johannesburg rapper but boy did he deliver. The future looks great for this young talent and hopefully he stays on this road and shows us what more amazing things he can do with a beat and a pen.


Rissy God – God Drip(Drip to hard) video below