Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Told Jen Harley He’d Kill Her, Cops Say

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Told Jen Harley He’d Kill Her, Cops Say

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
Threatened to Kill Jen, Cops Say …
During Violent Fight

10/12/2019 1:00 AM PT


“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro threatened to kill his baby mama, Jen Harley, during their violent confrontation involving the couple’s 18-month-old daughter, so say cops, but sources close to Ron are calling BS.
We got a copy of the emergency protective order that LAPD cops obtained shortly after the incident, which says, “Suspect told victim he was going to kill her. Suspect pushed victim out the house. Suspect ran after victim.”
The order prohibits Ronnie from going within 100 yards of Jen and their 18-month-old daughter, Ariana. He also was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Jen’s home.

The protective order docs detail how Jen tried getting help from neighbors … “Victim knocked on neighbor’s door and set baby on ground. Suspect grabbed baby and dragged victim to the ground. Suspect punched victim with closed fist on face, causing visible injury.”
Sources close to Ronnie tell us he never threatened Jen’s life and was scared for his daughter’s safety. We’re told Jen allegedly dangled Ariana over a fence, and Ronnie feared his daughter would get injured as Jen had allegedly been drinking heavily at an event earlier in the day.
TMZ broke the story … Jen was seen desperately looking for a place to hide with their daughter during the altercation, even trying to pop the trunk of a neighbor’s vehicle. We obtained photos of her out with Ariana a few days after the incident … covered in what appears to be fresh bruises on her shoulder and thigh.

As for Ronnie … he was arrested for kidnapping but has not been officially charged with anything. There was a hearing Friday to extend the protective order — which expired Friday — until Ronnie’s almost certain arraignment.

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