Urban Meyer’s Wife Issues Statement On Viral Video

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Urban Meyer found himself at the center of controversy last week after a video of him flirting with a young woman went viral on social media. Since the incident, Meyer has been lambasted in the media, and even his own franchise is upset with him. It is clear that Meyer is on thin ice with the Jacksonville Jaguars organization and if he makes any more wrong moves, he could be gone in short order.

As for Meyer’s relationship with his wife, it’s clear that this whole ordeal has taken a toll on the relationship. Shelley Meyer has been trying to tweet through it, but now, she is stepping down from the platform, as she noted in a statement today that the vitriol has been too much to deal with.

“We all make mistakes – we are all sinners. If you think you aren’t? Then cast the first stone,” she explained. “To my wonderful followers/friends: THANK YOU. For your love, support, friendship, laughs – I will miss this most. I love you ALL and wish God’s blessings on you. Thank you.”

Meyer and the Jaguars are currently 0-4 right now and if they continue to lose, Meyer’s first season in Florida might prove to be an all-time bad disaster. 


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