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Everything About The Rock’s First Official Rap Verse Is Funny

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I can still remember hearing that Wyclef Jean was going to have the Rock on his single. This was 21 years ago, when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on his fourth or fifth reign as WWF World Champion. The Rock wasn’t a movie star yet — he’d make his debut as a terrible CGI effect in The Mummy Returns a year later — but he already seemed like he might be the coolest person on earth. The Rock had been a shit-talking, egocentric heel who’d become a crowd favorite simply because he was so good at egocentric shit-talk. I would watch Monday Night Raw with a bunch of other dorm cafeteria workers, and everyone would yell at the TV when the Rock wasn’t on. As in: “Put the Rock back on!” The man seemed like he could do anything. Was the Rock going to rap? Did Wyclef know something that we didn’t? It seemed vaguely plausible. After all, egocentric shit-talk is a pretty important skill for just about any rapper to possess, and the Rock had that.

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