50 Cent Says He Was Paying $800 Rent With $38 Million In The Bank

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Despite *maybe* not holding up musically over time (outside of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, of course) 50 Cent has turned himself into a business mogul.

Dating back to 50’s mid-2000s deals with Reebok and Vitamin Water, it has been crystal clear that 50 knows exactly how to use his celebrity to turn a massive profit. Even in 2007, when Kanye West blew out of the water with sales during their Graduation/Curtis competition, the “In Da Club” rapper knew exactly how to use the hype surrounding his and Kanye’s head-to-head to move more copies than he would have without the feud. And today, as 50 serves as executive producer for Starz shows Power and BMF, the rap-game-veteran keeps his name in the news with internet feuds and little jabs here and there, while the hype for his programs grows larger than ever. 

Brad Barket/Getty Images

But it’s well-documented that 50 is a businessman outside the realm of celebrity, and in a recent interview with Brian J. Roberts, the 46-year-old detailed a time he was absolutely balling but living very regular. 

 “My first run, the Rock The Mic tour, I came back, I had $38 million in my account,” 50 told Roberts. “And all I had was a two-bedroom apartment that was $800 a month. So if you don’t spend it, you know the IRS is gonna take it. So I needed the expenses. So I ended up buying Mike Tyson’s home in Farmington.”

What do you think of 50 paying just $800 in rent when he had $38 million in the bank? Check out his full interview with Roberts below and let us know in the comments. 



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