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Jon Gruden was forced to resign from his role as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders last week after it was revealed that he made sexist, homophobic, and racist remarks over e-mail. In the aftermath of this news, players around the league are expecting similar leaks to happen within other teams, and there are certainly some executives right now who are feeling the heat.

As for Gruden himself, he has largely remained quiet on the subject, although recently, he spoke to NFL reporter Andrea Kremer about the ordeal. While speaking to the Real Sports Podcast on HBO, Kremer revealed that Gruden said “The truth will come out,” which is certainly a cryptic statement.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“He’s still in Las Vegas,” Kremer explained. “He said he’s letting the dust settle. He said, ‘People who know me know what I stand for, for 58 years. I have a resume of 58 years.'” Needless to say, Gruden doesn’t believe this saga is over, and he thinks that other people will end up looking like the bad guys once this is all said and done. 

For now, it remains to be seen whether or not his prediction will come true. If there is one thing for certain, however, it’s that it is almost impossible for him to get another job within the NFL.


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