Jeezy & Jay-Z Once Fought Off A Group In Vegas: “Hov Got Hands”

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More bits from Jeezy’s Uncensored feature on TV One have surfaced, and this time, he shared a story about Jay-Z. We already covered a segment of Jeezy on Uncensored where he spoke about his upbringing as a military brat, that is until he was booted from the base after it was discovered he was stealing items to sell back in the States.

In this clip, Jeezy spoke about his longstanding relationship with the Roc Nation mogul and why he will always stand ten toes down in support of Jay-Z.

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“Me and Hov, mentally we was connected because even if we wasn’t doing music we would rock with each other in a sense because we both had old souls and we both came from the same struggle,” Jeezy explained. “But the only thing is, his struggle started before mine and he started walking his path before me. So, I have to look at somebody like that how I would look at somebody in the hood who was already getting money before I was.”

Jeezy admitted to questioning Jay about making business moves that could keep him on the straight and narrow without returning to the fast life in the streets. “The craziest thing, me and Hov don’t even talk about music,” he said. “It’s like, rare. It’s one of them one-off things.”

He recalled touring with Jay-Z but his team got locked up so he had to perform alone. “I ain’t have no stage manager, I ain’t have no manager, no nothing. Just me,” Jeezy said with a laugh. However, it was a serious situation as indictments were handed down and, according to the rapper, his record label “turned they back on” him.

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“They wouldn’t pick up my calls, they wasn’t trying to hear what I was saying. Hov called me,” said Jeezy. “A lot of people don’t know, we done been in some fistfights and everything. Some things popped off in Vegas… I gotta say, Hov’s got hands, ’cause we was getting down. We was back to back. I hear his assistant say, ‘Jay, get in the car!’ and he was like ‘I ain’t leaving Jeezy!’ I was like, I rock with him.”

Watch Jeezy take a trip down memory lane below.

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