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In a recent interview for HNHH’s On The Come Up series, Key Glock explained that, although he doesn’t like doing sequels, he had to make Yellow Tape 2

“I never planned on even doing a sequel,” Glock told HNHH. “But I just had to keep it going because the first one made so much of a statement.” And to kick off the brand-new, 20-track, featureless Yellow Tape 2the Memphis rapper stays making a statement, and picks up right where Yellow Tape left off. 

You can feel what type of record “Something Bout Me” is about to be from the very second the beat comes on. Spitting over an aggressive bassline and ominous keys courtesy of Tay Keith, Glock gets right into it. Flexing everything from his jewelry to his nine cars that don’t need any keys, Key Glock is relentless in his delivery, and in the pursuit of the money. 

Accompanied by visuals of Glock and a team of beautiful women running what looks like a less-than-legal operation, “Something Bout Me” is a bonafide anthem. After six years in the game, the Glockoma rapper feels some type of way about himself, and for good reason. 

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, let the chopper sing like TLC
Yeah, big chains sounding like bells on me
Just told this h*e she ain’t worth fifty cent, b*tch, you know I’m a P-I-M-P
If I see this shit, I want it, I get it, n***a, I ain’t got time for no lease

Make sure to check out On The Come Up featuring Key Glock here and let us know what you think of “Something Bout Me” and Yellow Tape 2 down in the comments. 


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