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Even though Nick Cannon already notoriously has seven children, he appeared to be looking to add an eighth to his family. The part that caught fans off guard, however, is that he was looking to do so with Saweetie.

After responding to Saweetie’s baby fever tweet by offering himself up as a volunteer to mate with a thinking emoji, a ninja emoji, a laughing emoji and a hand-raised emoji, Nick Cannon hoped to revisit his tweet and explain what it meant on the Nick Cannon Show Monday (Nov. 8): “I think I’m very much understood. Saweetie tweeted she wanted some babies and I just replied with some emojis. As an expert on babies, anybody who can speak emoji knows what that says. Take time for making such a big decision. All my ninjas are misunderstood.”

This response is not very believable, and Cannon acknowledge that by displaying some of Twitter users’ responses to Nick, such as “the celibacy clock is tickin!!!” as well calling Cannon “Fertile Myrtle” and telling Saweetie to run emphasizing that he has peculiar names for his kids.

Nick’s seven kids are named Powerful Queen Cannon, Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon, Golden Cannon, Zen S. Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon.

Saweetie never issued a response, but fans seemed to have taken care of her, sending a message to Nick to not pursue her. Some of the best responses include Nick being ran through and Saweetie needing to seek a prayer group if she gets involved with Cannon.

Watch what he had to say on his show below.

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