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The Houston Rockets have postponed “Travis Scott Day” in response to the mass casualty event at the rapper’s 2021 Astroworld Festival, last week. The team’s president of business operations Gretchen Sheirr told the Houston Chronicle that continuing with the scheduled event “would have been insensitive.”

“Travis Scott Day” would have been held, Wednesday, during their game against the Detroit Pistons

“After what was a horrific tragedy last week, we felt it would have been insensitive and not the right time for us to move forward,” Sheirr said. “Tonight, we’ll honor victims with a moment of silence to help our community heal.”

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Rockets forward Kenyon Martin Jr. told reporters that he likely would have been in attendance at Astroworld, had the team not been on a road trip at the time.

“It was tough to hear,” Martin Jr. said. “I know Travis is a big part of Houston, and with sports he reps our team and our city. It’s just tough to hear about an event like that. He is trying to give back to our city and he has a tragic event like that. I just send my condolences to the family and things like that.”

He continued: “No telling, but probably [me and my teammates] would have been there. It was just a lot of people and it wasn’t like [the crowd] could see what was happening with all those people. It’s tough to hear that. Their goal going out was just to have fun. They wanted to see Travis Scott and others that they wanted to see. And for life to end just like that is tough.”


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