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If there is an artist who knows how to light up a soundtrack, it is Beyoncé. The ultra-private superstar has added her name to the list of New Music Friday releases with “Be Alive,” a track that is slated for inclusion on the King Richard soundtrack. The film stars Will Smith as Richard Williams, the dedicated dad to tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams.

During a recent press conference, Smith recalled the moment he was taken aback by Richard Williams. It was many years ago when a 14-year-old Serena was being interviewed and when the host attempted to break her, Richard stepped in a took control.

“The look of Venus’ face…that image burned in my heart because that’s how I wanted my daughter to look when I showed up,” said Smith. “That interview really changed my parenting at that time. It was like the look on Venus’ face…it was like she had a lion and she was so confident and so comfortable that her lion wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.”

“I fell in love with Richard Williams—that was 20 something years ago and when the opportunity to be a part of this came up that was the first thing that I remembered. I knew I wanted to show a father protecting a daughter like that to the world.” Stream Beyoncé’s “Be Alive” from the King Richard soundtrack and leave your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

It feels so good to be alive
Got all my family by my side
Couldn’t wipe this black off if I tried
That’s why I lift my head with pride


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