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The highly anticipated second part of Kanye West’s appearance on Drink Champs was released Friday and features the legendary rapper discussing the so-called cancelation of Dave Chappelle, West’s own mental health, and more. West brought Larry Hoover Jr., who appears on Donda, onto the podcast as well.

At one point West discusses his visit to the White House in 2018 and quotes former President Donald Trump as telling him, “Ye, my friend, my Black approval rating went up 40% when you came to the White House.”

Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

As for Chappelle, West went on a lengthy rant about cancel culture as a whole while discussing the reaction to the comedian’s recent special Closer. Many viewers felt some of the content in Chappelle’s special was transphobic and employees at Netflix staged a walk-out after the company suspended a trans employee who had criticized the special on Twitter

“Man, if they don’t get the fuck up outta here, bro. Cancel what? What we cancelin’ out here?” West said in the interview. “Man, enough of this shit already, boy! Y’all just wait until someone ain’t affecting the stock and you just take them out one by one to impose fear on anybody with freedom of thought. I smack the shit out you when I see—don’t tell me what the fuck to do ever in your life, boy. None of y’all Hollywood plant-ass n—as tell none of us what we do. This our culture now. It’s up. You can’t cancel none of us.”

He continued: “And all of y’all scared n—as that’s runnin’ around doing what these Hollywood n—as tellin’ you to do? Fuck y’all, man! It’s up! Y’all either is about our culture that we grew up about, or you about yourself. Selfish, scared-ass house n—as. So they cancelin’ what?!”

Check out the full interview below.


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