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Rapper Money Man made history this week, becoming the first artist to receive a label advance fully in Bitcoin. Working out a new deal with EMPIRE with a $1 million advance, Money Man communicated his terms and made sure that he was setting himself for even more financial gains in the future, receiving a Bitcoin bag and influencing rappers including Meek Mill to possibly do the same in future deals.

The consistent rapper has been celebrated for years and with the success of last year’s “24” with Lil Baby, fans have been waiting to see where Money Man would go next. He’s officially come through with the release of his new album Blockchain, which features MoneyBagg Yo, Jackboy, and Yung Bleu.

Check out Money Man’s new album below and let us know where this ranks in his discography.


1. Numb To The Pain
2. Petty Money
3. Trading Places
4. Numerology
5. LLC (feat. MoneyBagg Yo)
6. Blockchain
7. No Fema (with Jackboy)
8. Tip Off
9. Worthless (with Yung Bleu)
10. Lil Feature
11. Water
12. Elusive
13. Transform

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