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Like any supportive parent, Pleasure P is standing by his son in the teen’s time of need. Yesterday (November 10), we reported on the Pretty Ricky singer’s 17-year-old son Marcus Cooper Jr. being wanted by the police in Florida. According to the authorities, Cooper was with 24-year-old Tyron Arthus last month as the two were in a car together. Police allege that at some point, they pulled over on the highway and the teen shot and killed Arthus.

The Miami Herald reported that investigators were searching for Cooper and stated that they would also arrest anyone who may be protecting him from the authorities. Following the report going viral, Pleasure P shared a video online.

“Why would a 17-year-old be around a 24-year-old and no disrespect to that family, like no, because we want to get to the bottom of this,” said P. “He is 17! They making him out—they said, they put on the news, ‘Oh, he left him on the side of the road like he’s a dog,’ bro, my son don’t want for nothing! Never wanted for nothing! Seventeen?! Why would he shoot a 24-year-old? Talk about that. Let’s talk about this, bro!”

Pleasure P accused authorities of not wanting to release pertinent information about the case and believes that there is something missing in this story. In his video, he continued to question why a teen would be with someone in their 20s and condemned outlets for covering the news report. Swipe below to watch all clips of his Livestream.

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