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One thing that is well-documented is proof that DaBaby knows how to throw a punch. The rapper has faced several lawsuits and allegations that he has been involved in assaults against fans, promoters, and strangers. However, that hasn’t deterred Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother, from calling out the North Carolina rapper following DaBaby’s internet meltdown with the singer.

The world witnessed the breakup between DaBaby and DaniLeigh, and as the public debates the scandal, DaniLeigh’s family has come forward to defend not only her but themselves.


DaBaby accused the family of disowning his daughter with DaniLeigh and stated that the singer’s other hadn’t even met the baby yet. DaniLeigh’s brother shared a few brief messages to DaBaby on his Instagram Story and later challenge the rapper to a fight.

“This crazy. This n*gga wanna call the cops on my sis. This n*gga wanna disrespect my sister online or the world to see, disrespect my family,” said Brandon. “I’m sayin’. This ain’t even got nothing to do with my sister no more, bro. This gotta do with me and you. You feel me? ‘Cause you Mr. Tough Guy over here beatin’ on b*tches, knocking lil’ guys out here and there, know what I’m sayin’? You not finna do that to me, first off.”

“So, this what we gon’ do, bro. I’m in a hospital right now. I got in a car accident. I got a f*cked up neck. I’ll still beat your ass with my neck like this. On god,” he continued. “When you come to the west coast bro, which I know you be out here, you gon’ catch this one-on-one fade… See what happens between me and you. I wanna see how much of a gangsta you are. How much of a real man you are. We can do that.”

Check it all out below.

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