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Kyle Rittenhouse became a household name last year after he was caught on camera killing two men during the Kenosha Black Lives Matter protests. At the time, there were two very conflicting opinions on the matter, as some felt like he had no business being at the protest with an AR-15, while others supported his right to “self-defense.”

Over the course of the last few weeks, Rittenhouse has been on trial for homicide, and his lawyers have been claiming self-defense as their case against the prosecution. This has been a very high-profile case from start to finish, and regardless of your political affiliation, this has been a prudent story to follow.

Sean Krajacic – Pool/Getty Images

For four days now, the jury has been deliberating on the evidence proposed by both sides, and today, they came back with their verdict. According to CNN and various other outlets, the jury has officially declared Rittenhouse Not Guilty on all counts, which means he is free to walk from the case. 

There have been various protests outside of the courthouse throughout this case, and the recent ruling will only exacerbate that. There has been quite a bit of tension surrounding Rittenhouse’s trial, and with many upset over the verdict, we could see even more mass protests in the days to come.

This is still a developing story so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest details.

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