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Playboi Carti’s King Vamp Tour has made much more headlines than any rap tour usually does. Most of the negative publicity revolving the tour has been because of Carti’s fans blatant disrespect for his opener Rico Nasty.

However, to try to rectify his fans’ poor behavior, Carti brought out Rico Nasty to share the stage with him during his main set in Colorado on Nov. 19, as his Whole Lotta Red hit “Sky” played. The two hugged it out and went crazy along with the crowd, hoping to leave the ugliness in the past.

In past shows on the tour, Rico has complained about fans heckling, being anti-black and creating a toxic environment. Last week on Nov. 13, at the Carti show in Portland, a fan threw a glass bottle at Rico while she was on stage performing. She decided enough was enough, and tried to take matters into her own hands. She charged into the crowd looking for the guilty party, which led to chaos as she was adamant about finding the culprit: “Who, b*tch? Be specific […] who was it? Who the f-ck was it? Who the f-ck was it? Where they going? Somebody come get this.”

Playboi Carti and Rico Nasty fill different niches within the rap game, and there likely is not much overlap between their fans. But, since Carti made the decision to bring Rico along with him on tour, as well as his Opium artist Ken Car$on, he must have a lot of respect for her work.

There are still 19 more shows on the King Vamp Tour, so hopefully the rest of the way is smooth sailing for Rico and Carti fans.

Check out Playboi Carti and Rico Nasty sharing the stage below. 

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