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Ayesha Curry has officially addressed the salacious rumors that were circulating a few weeks ago that she and her husband, Stephen Curry, are in an open marriage with side hookups. The reports came from an unconfirmed anonymous source and they have officially been proven false after Ayesha responded to a commenter on social media and told them, “Don’t disrespect my marriage.”

The story seemed pretty unbelievable in the first place but now, Ayesha Curry is putting a stop to it entirely. Sharing photos from Steph’s recent cover shoot with GQ, Ayesha responded to a commenter who trolled her, saying, “But yet you still want an open relationship smh, if I were him you woulda been sent to the streets already.”

“Don’t believe everything you read,” replied Ayesha. “Do you know how ridiculous that is? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

While her response was directed at the commenter, it can definitely apply to anybody who believed the rumors, as well as the reporters who shared the story across the internet. 

Did you believe that they were actually in an open marriage? Check out Ayesha Curry’s response to the speculation below and let us know in the comments.

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