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Sean Penn reflected on his experience at the Ukraine-Poland border with Anderson Cooper, over the weekend. The legendary actor was filming a documentary for Vice Films on Russia’s invasion.

“I was glad to have had the experience of having to see what it was to get through that border, to get through it in a car, what it is to just sit there for sometimes days,” Penn told Cooper.

Martin Schalk / Getty Images

The Academy Award winner met with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky both before and after Russia’s invasion and says he was “endlessly impressed and moved” by the leader.

Penn also discussed how unpopular the war is amongst Russian people as well as Ukrainians.

“And I think about — there are great Russian people who don’t want this war, who don’t believe in it — and getting information that supports them because obviously they’re under great threat to speak out and to protest, yet some are doing it,” he added. “There’s such a closeness between Ukrainian people and Russian people. This thing only makes sense as an exploitation of the powerful.”

Check out Penn’s appearance on AC360 below.


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