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In a Strong Economy, Why Are So Many Workers on Strike?

ImageStriking workers at a General Motors plant in Flint, Mich. They say concessions they made during the recession have not been rolled back even as G.M. has raked in billions in profits.CreditCreditErin Kirkland for The New York TimesOct. 19, 2019Updated 12:42 p.m. ETAt first glance, it may seem like a paradox: Even as the economy…

U.K. Lawmakers Disrupt Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan

What was supposed to be a dramatic up-or-down vote on the British prime minister’s deal with Brussels fizzled amid parliamentary maneuvers.VideoBritish lawmakers derailed Mr. Johnson’s plan to push his Brexit deal through Parliament, voting in favor of an amendment that aims to put off the moment of decision until they have had more time to…

Giuliani Mixes His Business With Role as Trump’s Lawyer

Amid intensifying scrutiny of his own work, the former New York mayor met recently with senior Justice Department officials on behalf of a client in a foreign bribery case.ImageRudolph Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, is under scrutiny by federal prosecutors.  “I really try very hard to be super-ethical and always legal,” he said.CreditCreditAl Drago/BloombergWASHINGTON —…

Ranking the Batman Movie Villains

1250万 後でもう一度再生しますか? この動画を再生リストに追加するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン 動画を報告しますか? 不適切なコンテンツを報告するにはログインしてください。 ログイン 翻訳を追加 この動画を高く評価する 評価するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン この動画を低く評価する 評価するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン 2019/10/19