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What to Watch For in Today’s Brexit Vote: Live Updates

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to take Britain out of the European Union is being debated with impassioned speeches, cheers and jeers in Parliament.Right NowPrime Minister Boris Johnson is addressing lawmakers as they debate his draft Brexit deal at the first Saturday session of Parliament in 37 years. ImageBritish lawmakers are convening for a special…

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

A farewell to Elijah Cummings. Federal inaction on e-cigarettes. Russians bomb Syrian hospitals. Robert Pattinson. Noel Fielding. Rachel Weisz. And more.Welcome to the weekend. If you don’t have a Halloween costume, you might want to start looking for one. Or maybe you want to get started on a good book or a new recipe. Whatever…

Taking Ayahuasca When You’re a Senior Citizen

Some older adults are dabbling in this powerful psychedelic, which is mostly illegal in the United States. ImageTaking ayahuasca six years ago “changed my life completely,” said George Sarlo, pictured at his home in San Francisco.CreditCreditTalia Herman for The New York TimesAt 74, the venture capitalist George Sarlo might not have seemed an obvious candidate…

Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Producing a Barney Movie

1250万 後でもう一度再生しますか? この動画を再生リストに追加するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン 動画を報告しますか? 不適切なコンテンツを報告するにはログインしてください。 ログイン 翻訳を追加 この動画を高く評価する 評価するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン この動画を低く評価する 評価するには、ログインしてください。 ログイン 2019/10/18