Preacher's Kid - Semler

Preacher's Kid


  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2021-02-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2021 PK Records


Title Artist Time
Bethlehem Semler 4:07
Jesus From Texas Semler 3:18
Queer Content For Your Conside Semler 0:10
Chicken Semler 3:20
Youth Group Semler 2:23
Posture (Interlude) Semler 0:54
A Good Man Semler 4:26
Promised Land (Outro) Semler 1:17


  • Amazing!!!

    By unknownNoodle
    This is absolutely incredible. I really needed this album it help me through a really dark time. Absolutely amazing can’t and won’t stop listening to this album!!! Much love.
  • Beautiful! An album for the conflicted

    By Fate Released
    This album was written for people who grew up in Christianity and may still have faith in the Christian God, but have lost their faith in the church. It’s phrased perfectly in Jesus from Texas “I know a church is not a way to live, but a weekly reunion.” Some people have left reviews saying this isn’t a Christian album because it is explicit or doesn’t praise god, but it is a Christian album, in that it is an album written for people of the Christian faith and about the Christian church. (As a side note, explicitness does not exclude this album from being a Christian album either. I know plenty of Christians who curse. Just because this album is honest about doesn’t mean it’s not Christian.) Anyway, great album. Fantastic lyrics. Really hits you in the gut at times.
  • Scary

    By 21elijahcook
    An album that cusses and is written by a homosexual should not be considered a Christian album. I believe that we should accept and love everyone but I do not believe that we should have people living a sinful lifestyle as leaders in the Christian faith. I love homosexuals and I love people that cuss. I pray for them often. However I do not believe that we should see these people living in sin as leaders in the Christian faith.
  • Wow absolute blasphemy

    By Winter 907
    Just unbelievable sad that this is even considered Christian.
  • Pain lashing out for answers

    By i hear yah
    On my second listen, and I can’t turn it off. The music grows in you. I can’t escape the reflection I see as I listen. I see generations of hurting and hurt. I find myself pleading with God draw near to the broken-hearted who cry these same tears. To hear the songs of those who mourn from the deepest parts of a wounded souls. God of comfort. God who heals. God who is near to those who weep, and those who push you away in depth of grief. God. Come. These wounds are deep. These wounds are raw. I don’t believe that the church does “more harm than good.” I know no other organization that, for all of its faults, continues to reach out to every strata of people across the globe to offer food, clean water, airplanes to evacuate people when wars happen, medical care, relief during natural disasters, community, rehab programs for those struggling with addiction‘s, and so much more. There is brokenness. And I feel for someone who does believe that the church does more harm than good, because it means they have been hurt by the church, and can’t see those good things at the moment. It is my hope and prayer that you find the healing you need. It is my hope and prayer that you do wrestle honestly, but also humbly. We are all just people. We are all trying. The nature of faith is acknowledging we fail. On behalf of the church I am so sorry for what you’ve experienced. I’m sorry you have so much pain. I hope this encourages you to lead out in reconciliation, whenever you’re ready, rather than to give up. Maybe not everybody on the other end is ready for it either. But I hope someday they will be.
  • So good!!

    By Mar Mar the incredible gamer
    This album is so solid and really speaks truth to a topic that a lot of Christians avoid. This album despite what some commentators would say absolutely belongs in the Christian genre. There are so many LGBT+ Christians and it’s nice to see some representation for once!
  • A new perspective

    By Sarah.rossi
    Semler provides an inside perspective of their experience with faith and their sexuality. This is something that all Christians should listen to as opposed to listening to the same Christianese lyrics they do every Sunday. Yes this may challenge some of you, but it’s time for the evangelical movement to realize that faith and spirituality look different than what you practice and have looked different since the time of Jesus. To be a truly compassionate and empathetic person, it is vital to hear from and accept stories different than yours. Thank you Semler!
  • Not even worth a star

    By Kelghaun
    Simply the falling away of the ‘church’ backed by has been little ‘c’hristian artists. Just another Jennifer Knapp for shock value. Never thought I’d see explicit at the top or near the top of ‘c’hristian charts, nor the tickled ear on Sunday idiots that support it. All of you supporting this drudge should be ashamed. Doesn’t even sound good putting aside the idiocy of why this is even on the ‘c’hristian charts.
  • A Voice that Needs to Be Heard

    By TheRudieLibrarian
    Semler's new album is a voice that needs to be heard in the midst of a culture that has forgotten its primary objective.
  • Sad and not Christian

    By JCROCKS316
    This is only a further rebellious act. Christian music should be about living a lifestyle that dies to the sins of this world and living a life which furthers the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just because this artist forced herself in this genre with the help of political correctness, it doesn’t make it right or acceptable. Do not give in to this narrative which calls us to deny what Scripture says.