Nate Smith Accepts the Rookie of the Year Award | Billboard’s Country Power Players 2024

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Nate Smith accepts the Rookie of the Year award at Billboard’s Country Power Players 2024.

Nate Smith:
I love Ashley Gorley so much. He is one of the nicest guys in the world. He took me in right away, and I appreciate you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

It’s really funny to get a Rookie of the Year card, like this right here because it makes me look like I’m an athlete, and I’ve actually very, very non athletic. My dad wanted me to be in sports. I tried every sport: baseball, basketball, football, wrestling. The only one I really stayed for the whole season was wrestling, and I got the record for the quickest pin of all time. I was one that got pinned. I was the one that I got pinned. They said they never see anything like it. It was, like, three seconds. There’s a huge thing on the wall. And I’m like, gosh, man, and then I walked out, I’m in this leotard. This girl looks at me to just top off the night she goes, “And you don’t have an a– either for that leotard right there,” and I’m like, “Dang. Dang it.”

But music’s the thing that got me through. I was in band. I was a little bit of a band geek, I played trumpet. And music was something that like, I could always turn to. So I’d be in my bedroom learning Blink-182 songs, singing and playing guitar in my bedroom. And I always had that, that outlet to do it.

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