What can I submit?

Hallaback is a clean community of eager readers and submitters who submit content of all kinds including but not limited to: News, Music, Polls, Lists, Money Making Opportunities, Onlyfans Profile Information.

Below are the detailed submission guidelines when submitting to a category, Please follow these rules when submitting content on  


News -  You may submit any kind news but must be clean and must not contain aldutry. This category can also be used to submit press releases and music.


Music -  Use this category that contain anything music related.


Videos - Use this category to submit all kinds of videos except adult videos, We have tools that can add videos with just a link, simply paste the link into the box and our system will pull the title, description and video from source making it easier for you.


Money - Use this category to submit money making oppuntunties only, If you know a place that will help our users make money online then list it here in this category.


Polls - Submit fun polls for our users to answer, Use this category to make your own poll.


Onlyfans - This category is for those who have onlyfans accounts and want to promote their pages, This category are strictly for promotion of your onlyfans profile, When you submit to this category be sure to upload a clean picture (no nudity) description, bio and a link to your onlyfans account for people to see and hopefully subscribe to you.