Peru Legally Classifies Transgender, Nonbinary People as Mentally Ill

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Peru's Government Classifies Trans as 'Mentally Ill' ... LGBTQ+ Groups Outraged

The government in Peru has officially changed its laws to legally classify transgender, nonbinary and intersex people as mentally ill ... and, advocacy groups are pissed.

Peru's President Dina Boluarte signed the decree into law last week, categorizing gender identities as outright mental illness ... with the country's health minister claiming it will "guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health" for trans people.

Despite the change, the health ministry insists the law change will not force trans individuals into conversion therapy.

As you can imagine, the change is getting blasted by many LGBTQ+ advocates all over the world -- including the director of the LGBTQ+ pride festival OutFest in the country.


One person who seemingly hasn't spoken out about the change ... trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who took a mental health vacay to Peru last year after her Bud Light campaign received a ton of hate online and led to financial disaster for the popular beer company.

She posted a vid from the South American country detailing how safe she felt and how kind the Peruvian people were ... so, this new law change comes as even more of a shock.

Next month's Pride ... and we'll have to wait and see if demonstrations in Peru pop off.

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