The Sound of Silence


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2015-12-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:21

Music Video


  • Eives picture

    By jkrogegen
    Need new friends
  • The Sound Of Silence Disturbed

    By NASCAR#3
    I om old so I like older music and I loved Simon and Garfunkel's Vursion. So when a friend said listen to this I was a bid skeptcal, well I was in awe. This song has turned into the top 5 songs you can understand every word there is just no flaws I love it GREAT JOB GUYS YOUR SONG IS FANTASTIC Thank You. Pat W. Chrisman Sr.
  • I'm an older guy but love this song

    By Daghda
    They do an amazing job on this song, I like Simon and Garfunkel but this is a different take onit that pays homage to it and reinvents it at the same time, The singer has a stunning voice very unique and emotive I hope maybe they decide to do a few more ballad type songs in addition to thier regular hard rock music (thats what it sounded like to me)
  • Not Disturbed at all!!!

    By Ramatelos
    My 54 year old daughter warned me that I would love Sound of Silence, but that I might not like Disturbed's other music. She is a genious, but not this time. I love this group, and will begin buying their albums right now. That silly girl!
  • Lking

    Wow....moved me..
  • Beautiful

    By GrammaSal
    I heard it played at the Pyeongchang Olympics/Pairs Skating and I was blown away! Very powerful.
  • OMG

    By JW1952
    They brought back the song to epic proportion to where you feel every note from your head down to your toes and then some.
  • Amazing!

    By MarmeeBean
    As a 65-year-old woman who grew up in the 60s, I was a huge fan of Simon & Garfinkle's music. When I heard Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence I was completely blown away! This is the best remake of any song, ever!
  • Perhaps the best cover song ever of all time!!!

    By Ironclad666
    David Draiman's voice on this song is like what you'd imagine ZEUS would sing like if they had a mic and band up in Mount Olympus. His vocals on this Simon & Garfunkle classic is like liquid gold and each word of the lyrics creates goosebumps and sends shivers up and down my spine. This is a must buy for your collection!!!
  • Wow, haunting.

    By Nickname 123987
    Goosebumps here too.

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