Wander Franco Formally Charged With Sexual Abuse Against A Minor

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Wander Franco Charged W/ Sexual Abuse OF A Minor ... In Dominican Republic

Tampa Bay Rays star shortstop Wander Franco has been formally charged with sexual abuse and sexual exploitation against a minor in the Dominican Republic ... for a relationship he allegedly had with a 14-year-old girl.

Franco, who's now 23, has been under investigation by authorities in the D.R. since July 2023 ... after a complaint was filed alleging he had sexual relations with a teenager.

Wander, according to authorities, has also been accused of human trafficking.

The mother of the child is also included in the indictment ... with protesters claiming the mother was paid thousands of dollars by Franco to look the other way, and allow the relationship.

As we've previously reported, Franco last played in a big league game in August 2023 after posts seemingly showing he was having a relationship with a minor went viral on X. He was placed on administrative leave shortly after.

Despite being on administrative leave, Franco, who signed an 11-year, $182 million deal in late 2021, is still being paid by the Rays franchise.

On the field, Franco was a key piece for the Rays success. He had a batting average of .282 in his three seasons with the club ... smacking 30 home runs and driving in 130 runs.

Franco is technically on administrative leave through July 14 ... a deadline that will inevitably get extended. But, that's not the most pressing issue for the baseball star.

It's unclear when Wander will appear in court next.

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