About Us

Hallaback is a clean community of eager readers and content posters who submit content of all kinds including but not limited to: News, Music, New Unsigned Artists, Press Releases, Videos, Reviews and more.

We are a community like no other! We have something for everyone who are either looking to read fresh content daily and interact in our new social chatroom or you might be an artist or company looking to promote your work and talent, Whatever the case we have the tools and audience for what you want to accomplish.

Below are the detailed submission guidelines when submitting to a category, Please follow these rules when submitting content on Hallaback.com  

News –  You may submit any kind news but must be clean and must not contain adult content. This category can also be used to submit press releases and music.

Music –  Use this category that contain anything music related.

Videos – Use this category to submit all kinds of videos except adult videos, We have tools that can add videos with just a link, simply paste the link into the box and our system will pull the title, description and video from source making it easier for you.

Unsigned Artists – This category is for new artists who want to promote their latest new video, playlist or soundcloud tracks.

Images – Submit any kind of images related to Hallaback’s terms such as but not limited to, Music, artists, album covers, news, Black Lives Matter related pictures, picture quotes and pictures related too unsigned artists.

Chatroom – Our new chatroom is a place to mingle and getting to know one another who shares the same interest on Hallaback.com. You must register if you want to participate in our chatroom. Adult content, or advertising is not allowed and could get you banned from chatting in the chatroom. Please keep it friendly. Only good vibes

These are the basic rules, If you have any questions please contact us HERE or if you want to promote an artist, video or music to greater heights please browse our store HERE